Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A New Blog for Me!

I have started a brand-new blog for all my crafty adventures! I would love to see you there!

I will still be posting here about my personal life, when it so takes my fancy!


Friday, 31 July 2009

My Son the Bag Lady

Truman (7yo) is a funny little packrat, in that he loves nothing more than to collect random bits and pieces and then cart them around with him in any type of receptacle he can get his hands on.

This morning before school he was carrying 5 books and 3 plastic shopping bags full of stuff around, laying them down carefully at every stop on the "get ready for school" trail. He has done this since he was co-ordinated enough to walk and carry at the same time. He rarely actually plays with his spoils; he just prefers to carry them around and lay them beside his bed at night to keep them safe.

Today his treasures are:
  • Books - Pirateology, Egyptology, Hop on Pop, Are You My Mother? and Horton Hears A Who
  • His teddy bear with one eye
  • A mini Connect Four game
  • A very long bendy pencil
  • A sharpener
  • A geometry set
  • A "Harrods" tin money box containing $1.05
  • His wallet containing his behaviour bucks
  • 2 pens
  • 2 toy motorbikes
  • 1 toy aeroplane
  • 1 toy helicopter
  • 21 toy cars
We're looking at therapy.


Thursday, 30 July 2009



I WON ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a fat quarter bundle of TEN fat quarters from the new range, "Grandmother's Flower Garden" by the talented Rosalie Quinlan!!!! (I hope she doesn't mind me pinching her photo for this post...) I am sooo excited my hands are actually shaking!! I NEVER win things, ESPECIALLY not things this SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

I worked out that if I wanted to buy these at my local quilting shop they would be $6 per fat quarter, which equals $60 all up!!!!! And the bestest part is, if $60 just landed in my lap, this is EXACTLY what I would buy with it!! (If it were all mine and I didn't have to spend it on "responsible" things.) BUT GUESS WHAT!!! Amazingly, you can't even buy this new range in the stores yet!! Imagine: ME having something EXCLUSIVE in my home!??!! That never happens!

I usually get so jealous when I read blogs. People posting stuff like, "oh I bought this set of fat quarters and yards of this fabric" etc etc...when I have to scrounge up a few dollars every week to get my tiny fabric fix. Well, today I don't have to be jealous, because I am the lucky one, who hit the jackpot with this set of TEN fat quarters!

Anyways, I am rabbiting on, I am so excited!! I have no idea what I am going to make...I will probably just set the fabric on my table and look at it for a while in amazement!

THANK YOU ROSALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 27 July 2009

A Fish, A Kitty and a Little Boxy Pouch

I've nearly finished taking photos of the things I've made, the others I haven't taken photos of yet as they were gifts. Are other sewers/crafters like me, in that you give away at least 50% of the things you make?

The most recent thing I made was this little boxy pouch, which I made following this free tutorial. It is über cute to look at, but I think I would prefer to have things lined. The next pouch I make will be lined so that it is stiffer and there are no seams inside to be seen. I used some Baskets of Flowers charm squares - I love love love this fabric! Squee!

This was also my first time sewing a zip. I found it easier than I thought. I didn't bother with the zipper foot, just used the walking foot and it worked like a charm.

I recently made my second softie (my first was these birds), which was a kitty I made from a pattern in a book I borrowed from the library. It didn't turn out like the one in the book, waaah. I figured out afterwards it was because I used cotton and the instructions said to use cotton jersey, which has a lot more stretch in it, and made the shapes rounder when stuffed. Ah well.

This kitty watches over me while I sleep. Kinda creepy really. :D

Kitty sits by this cute porcelain girl which was given to me by my mum and dad when I was a little girl. She was originally fixed atop a small jewellery box, but my niece broke it freed her from this bondage!

Last thing I wanna share is this fishy I made. After making some snakes for my boys, my youngest asked me repeatedly to make him a fish. I saw these awesome fish by Melly & Me and decided I'd try to make the bigger fish by looking at the picture. Ok, ok, I realised afterward this may be some kind of copyright infringement or something - I don't really know what the rules are here. I just saw something I liked and tried to copy it. Am I naughty?

Anyway, here's the fishy, which my son LOVES. You can tell now by looking at it because it's all dirty. It's been dragged everywhere. I must try to wash it but I'm clueless about washing toys. Will the polyfill bunch up in globs if I submerge it? I know not.

I must admit I was pretty pleased with my attempt here. Though I feel guilty now about the copying thing...does anyone know the rules? I have decided it might be better to either use a purchased pattern or design my own stuff. Which is why my first doll which I'm currently making is something I designed myself.

Well, enough rambling for one day. My hubby just brought home some custard tart, which is my absolute favourite!! I must go now and pig out enjoy the culinary delights!


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Wall Organiser for our Kindy Teachers

I just wanted to share a few pics of this wall organiser I made for the teachers at Vera Lacaze Kindergarten & Preschool. All 3 of my kids went there, for a total of 5 years of attendance. This was my little way of saying thank you! (Please excuse the shocking photos, I took them very late at night after I had finished making it.)

For this top portion I made up a design using digital scrapbooking elements, printed it onto high-res paper and glued it onto a Kaisercraft wooden hanging album piece.

Here is the front of the top hanger portion as I designed it on the computer:

This is the back of the top hanger portion: a little note of thanks and the years of attendance of each of my three boys.

I love designing things with digital scrapbooking elements! I should make pretties more often and stick them onto wood, it always looks so good. I'll have to come up with some ideas of ways to incorporate this into practical items!


"Woodland Bloom" Bag

I made this bag by basically upscaling the Blue Wren's Nest pattern, making it the second bag I have ever made! I had a yummy yummy pack of charm squares of Woodland Bloom by the awesome Lila Tueller. I sewed the charm squares into nine patch blocks then cut them into quarters to make disappearing nine patches. It was my first attempt at making boxed corners and they turned out rather fabulously!

I used an old baby blanket for interfacing and used plain calico for the lining. I'm very happy with how it turned out! I took these photos today, after having used it for the last month or so. It has withstood my rather careless attitude to my belongings very nicely!

Here's a piccy of the other side of the bag:

It's quite fun making bags. You can carry a little piece of your own creativity with you everywhere you go!


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blue Wren's Nest Mini Tote

This is a little tote I made from the (free!) pattern by Natalie Lymer - Blue Wren's Nest. I adore Natalie's stitcheries. So delicate, whimsical and pretty, all at the same time! This little bag is 18cm (7") high, and I love it all the more because of its tinyness. Anything is cuter when it's small!

I was reminded again while taking photos of this bag that taking photos of things is different to taking photos of people. I'm not exactly sure how yet, or what I have to do differently, I just know I'm never as happy with my things photos as I am with my people photos. Hmmm...


Monday, 13 July 2009

Trying Not To Be Perfect

I've been away for quite a while. I needed a break. My blog was becoming a burden as I was trying too hard to make it perfect, have every awesome feature and, most of all, I felt like I was writing for others instead of myself. I can't let my blog become a burden, I want it to be fun and happiness and sunshine and lollypops! I'm going to write when I feel like it, share just what I want to and try really hard NOT to be perfect!

On another note, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, and I've been really pleased with some of the things I've made. I really want to share what I've been doing and the progress I'm making. It will be interesting to look back in a few years to see my learning to sew journey!

As soon as I take photos of the things I've made I'll be uploading them. That always seems to be the part I miss - the photo of the finished product!


Friday, 15 May 2009

A Day for Eye Candy

I hope everyone enjoyed my latest 7 Days Series - "7 Days of Silence". Heh. I guess I haven't had the most outstanding week of my life, these darn blue colours keep following me around wanting to swallow me. Bleugh. Today I felt somewhat improved however, and hope those little ne'er-do-well blues will leave me alone for a while.

Today I went with my two sisters to the Stitches and Craft Show at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. There was a lot of eye candy and cuteness to be had, not least of all among some of the smaller members of my extended family!

After my younger sister (Theresa) and I arrived at the show, we met up with my older sister (Maria). Here is her little daughter, Claire, in the most heartbreakingly cute outfit. I cursed my husband then and there for the olympic swimming capabilities of his Y-chromosome carrying sperm!

After meeting up we proceeded to peruse. My favourite stall was the Patchwork Angel stall, with heavenly stitchery and patchwork such as this.

I saw the pattern for the most scrumptious quilt I think I have ever seen, which I posted about in February.

I thought this was a cute little stitchery. Simple and sweet.

Cute, cute, cute! Theresa couldn't take her eyes off this little quilt pattern, and ended up buying it.

After a lot of oohing and ahhing over the patterns and materials, we strolled around the corner, and looked with great curiosity upon this quilting machine. Well, we thought it was a quilting machine. It is actually a quilting frame, which you can use with your own machine! The picture isn't very clear, but it's essentially a frame to hold your fabric, another frame to hold your sewing machine, and a hand throttle mechanism which squeezes the pedal. It has a guiding device at the front which you can fit into the grooves of a template so that you can quilt with perfection. Theresa and I were absolutely instantly in love. We found out it would set us back a cool $2800 (ish), and we both set to dreaming about an occasion which may materialise in which we would have this kind of cash to play with. Fantastic invention.

Next was more perusing. Maria has done some sewing, but not a whole lot. However, once she saw this wall-hanging she decided she loved it too much not to make it. She handed the pattern to the stall attendant and said, "Can you please get me everything on this list?" My knees just about buckled, until I realised this wasn't happening to me, and I was merely a bystander in this dream-like scenario. I won't divulge the final cost of course, but suffice it to say the penny was very pretty indeed.
Maria told me her 9 y.o. son is learning to knit, so he will be able to knit the little pieces the sheep are working on. Isn't that really cool?

While I enjoyed the show, I didn't have two bucks to rub together so I didn't look very hard. The temptation was too painful! I was extremely lucky, however, to have two über cute distractions in the forms of my nephew, Mr. Lincy, and my niece, Miss Claire Bear!

Thanks to my newly jailbroken iPhone I was able to take a couple of videos today (with the Cycorder app) so that I could share the cuteness!

This is Theresa with Claire, who was being very funny and eating Theresa, but who mostly stopped this as soon as I started recording. I was holding Lincoln while I was recording, who is also stunned into shyness by having the camera pointed at him. (This behaviour must be an unwritten code of babies and kids.)

After the show we had lunch at the shopping centre, where Claire was being a gigglepot, and Lincoln was having the best time making as much noise as possible! Lincoln reminded me of a definition I read of boys once:
boys (noun): Noise with dirt on it.

I just love being an aunty with older kids. I have two nephews and one niece. My older nephew was born 10 days after my own first child, so during that time I was too focused on my own baby to really enjoy my nephew. Which is all well and good. But now that I've had three boys of my own, and my youngest is nearly five (eek!), and I've discovered that it's so much fun to be able to enjoy my baby niece and baby nephew without worrying about a baby of my own. This must be almost what grandparent-hood is like - no wonder grandparents rave about it!

I'll be back very soon with my next 7 Days Series. Until then, enjoy the cuteness in your life!


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